Mission & Vision

About Us

Focsfi is a team of 70+ employees with years of experience usingtechnology andinnovation to transformcommercial lendingfrom the insideout.

Our expertise revolvesaround banking, credit risk, credit underwriting,cashflow forecasting, data analytics,riskbased pricing tools/modelsandstress tests.

Our Story

With our in-depth understanding of commercial lending marketplace and banking system environments, we bring the best practices in the KYC, risk management, operational challenges and lending processes.

As a team, we are determined to fill the gaps in the commercial lending sector, to improve time efficiency, eliminate process redundancies, decrease cost, lead innovation and be part of this growing banking industry

Making commercial lending seamless through processes

Commercial lending throughout the world are highly people dependent. Loan processes, credit analysis or approvals get deferred due to non-availabilityof people.To reduce this dependency and make lending systemsmore process orientedand reduce manual intervention, Focsfi products which givesAIdriven recommendations that reducessubjectivity and supportsin achieving greater efficiencies and economies of scale.


FocsFI Impacts

Our products leverage artificial Intelligence and machine learning systems to harness the power of data to increase efficiency, reduce errors, bring about consistency, minimize costs and help businesses to make well informed credit decisions.


We measure the impact of process and technology to optimize and achieve business outcomes for clients.


We are product creators looking to push the boundaries of technology to strive for the best possible outcomes.


We believe in establishing a foundation to drive immediate value from Artificial Intelligence enabled process.


We believe in scaling innovation by incrementally building an enterprise platform of pluggable assets for reuse.

Benefits of FocsFI Products